Celebrating 7 Years

Flashing its ‘flames’ for 7 years as the official student-led media grid of USJ, J’Pura Flames, which saw its inception as the J’Pura Optimum Media Grid has been nothing but the best. Be it the SLUG; Sri Lanka University Games, the Inter-University Sports Tournaments or even the extra-curricular activities, J’Pura Flames has always provided full media coverage with photography, articles and eye-catching posts. In fact, providing support to promote sports and extracurriculars of USJ is the prime objective of J’Pura Flames. Talented photographers, content writers, graphic designers, HR specialists, presenters and much more are the proud products of J’Pura Flames. As the saying by Don Corleone goes ‘Great men are not born great, they grow great’. Undoubtedly, J’Pura Flames has been continuously providing an excellent platform for the Flamians to grow great by providing leadership opportunities and by organizing extra-curricular projects to promote skills of Flamians in the field of IT, photography and journalism.

Bringing together students of all faculties in the university, the society also strives to foster harmony and unity among the university students by encouraging teamwork with great team spirit. This journey of 7 years has definitely served justice to the motto of J’Pura Flames which is ‘Enlightening the world through correct guidance’. Indeed, this society is not solely work-oriented but is one that genuinely beats for instilling greatness in all its members. Being the sole official student-led media grid of USJ for 7 years was definitely no easy task. Under the leadership of a committed ‘phoenix’ each year and the fellow committee (known as the ‘PRIDE’), the media grid has lingered amidst the turmoils yet continued to grow even stronger. Mr. Pasan Chamalka Samaraweera was appointed recently as the phoenix for the year 2020/2021 to take J’ Pura Flames to yet another glorious ascent. As 2020 marks the completion of 7 years, Mother Japura too echoes the fact that J’Pura Flames is the official student-led media division of USJ.

Article By: Manesha Fernando


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