Celebrating 8 Years as the Official Media Grid

J’ Pura Flames celebrating its 8th Anniversary “If everyone is moving forward together, then success takes care of itself”. J’ Pura Flames is the best example for these words of Henry Ford. That is because J’Pura Flames became brighter for its success throughout its journey for all these 8 years. J’Pura Flames has always provided full media coverage with all its functions; photography, article writing and drastic clicks of all the important memories.

During the SLUG, the Inter-university Sports Tournaments and even in the extracurricular activities, it has always provided its unsurpassed service. It has a strong and hard-working team, which unites all the faculties of the university. J’Pura Flames has an enriched team with talented photographers, article writers, presenters, content writers, graphic designers and HR specialists, who always aid to light the flames of this grid. Moreover, it has been continuously providing an excellent platform for all the Flamians of every faculty to expand their talent and to gain experiences in all these sectors. Under the leadership of a dedicated ‘Phoenix’ each year and the fellow committee, which is known as the ‘Pride’, the media grid has remained amongst the barricades yet, continued to grow even sturdier. Developing the Web page of the grid and creating the ‘Flames Lite’ page, which is growing as a wonderful platform for the Flamians to show their talents is one of the finest things the Flames team has done to motivate its members. Further the YouTube channel of J’ Pura Flames has been developing and marking its place in the YouTube world. The creative articles written by the Flamians regarding various themes and works have reached thousands of readers. Not only the university members but also the iconic figures of the state did praise these articles. This journey of the whole 8 years has served to achieve the objective of the motto of J’ Pura Flames ,‘Enlightening the world through correct guidance’. J’Pura Flames not only provides its service by covering all the special events of the university but also creates a platform to spread harmony and unity among all the students of the university. For this, Flames has organized various kinds of deeds not only for the Flamians but also for the non- Flamians. ‘ClickScape’ photography competition, ’Snapit’ photography competition, ’Scribblelt’ short story competition and ‘Muwa Wasuma Yata Kavi Wasuma’ poetry competition are some of the best examples which happened recently. This is only a history of 8 years, more victory and more growth are yet to come. Recently a new ‘Phoenix’ was appointed to augment greater history to these 8 years. With the completion of its 8 years, J’ Pura Flames will always shine with its golden flames as the official student-led media grid of USJ.

Written by: Sathya Sammani
Designed by: Rusiru Anjana

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