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“Life is like a game of tennis; the player who serves well seldom loses.”Having an opponent is the nature of a game and it makes the game more adventurous and motivating.Tennis is one of such sports where an individual gets a single opponent and doubles get two opponents each. It is a racket sport and one of the top ranking fastest sports in the world. Each player uses a tennis racket to strike a hollow rubber ball over a net. The player has to maneuver the ball into the opponent’s court. If the opponent is unable to return the ball, that player will not gain a point while the other will.This thrilling game originated in Birmingham, England and with time it was introduced to Ceylon by the British in 1868. Today tennis is considered as one of the most ancient sports in Sri Lanka.

With over a one hundred years history of tennis in Sri Lanka, the tennis team of the University of Sri Jayewardenepura were also able to keep its indelible steps both locally and internationally.

In the Sri Lankan University Games (SLUG) 2019, the men’s team won the runner-up under the captain N. K. R. Perera (Secretary of sports council 2019) and the vice-captain R. N. H. J. B. Wijetilake and women’s team won the 2nd runner-up under captain Naduni Gunawardene and vice-captain Lirushi Jayasekara with the continuous support and guidance of coach Mr. K. D. Y. Pathiraja and Tennis Instructor Mr. Dilshan Priyadarshana. It was definitely a huge remark for the university in achieving the championship of the SLUG 2019.

The men’s team won the runner-up at the Inter Club Tournament in 2019. Uplifting the name J’pura to the international level, P. K. Kavindu Diluka represented the university at the World University Games in 2019. He is the current vice-captain of the university tennis team. N. U. S. Srinath won the championship in the Junior National Tennis Tournament in 2017. Our boys could exhibit their energy and power in the tennis court proving that they are all-rounders.

The women’s team too are parallel with the men’s team in the context of talent and enthusiasm and has recorded victories regularly. They won the runner-up at the Inter-University Tournament in 2018 and the 2nd runner-up at the Inter-University Tournament in 2017. Notably, in SLUG 2016 , they were able to secure the 2nd runner-up marking the J’Pura name in SLUG history. Our girls put their efforts wholeheartedly to make it to great achievements showing their ability to be multi-taskers.

The tennis team of the university kept another outstanding step in the tennis history of J’Pura by organizing the Japura Tennis 10s 2019 Tournament with the participation of over 100 school children. This must have definitely supported young players paving the way to build the future for Tennis in Sri Lanka.

Currently, R. N. H. J. B. Wijetilake and P. K. Kavindu Diluka act as the captain and the vice-captain respectively in the men’s team for 20/21. K. Rajendrasingam, N. K. R. Perera, A. H. D. T. N. De Silva, R. V. O. Wickramaratne, N.U. Srinath and, N. P. K. Perera are the team members of the university tennis team.

Lirushi Jayasekera and Rumali Herathge act as the captain and the vice-captain respectively in the women’s team for 20/21. Kalani Siriwardena, Asalya Bandara and, Sanali Dassanayake are the current team members of the university tennis team.

Mr. K. D. Y. Pathiraja is the coach for both teams since 2017 and Mr. Dilshan Priyadarshana is their tennis instructor and both of them give their fullest to make Tennis in Japura the best.

In the journey of sports so far, the tennis team of Japura has kept its golden name unerasable and we, the flamians give all our best wishes to Japura Tennis for a victorious journey ahead.

Written by: Shanika Weerasinghe
Designed by: Jithmi Rajapaksha

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