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Flames සැඳෑව, the mesmerizing initiative by the Pride 21/22, is a series of musical events that showcases the vast dynamism of J\’pura Flames, the official media grid of University of Sri Jayewardenepura. It has evoked the sense of colourful university life, which has been long forgotten by many due to the pandemic, and urged all undergrads to join the Flames family. That\’s why, Flames සැඳෑව marks a turning point in the history of J’pura Flames. Its most recent episode was held for the first time physically, under the guidance and preparation of Flames Pride 21/22, in the university premises on 26th march 2022 from 6 pm onwards. It was a very special as well as an unforgettable evening  for all the flamians and all the other undergrads of University of Sri Jayewardhanapura, not just because it was a musical event, but because of that, so many people could gather together in the university after a long time, coming out of their virtual life. 

Flames සැඳෑව was held in Ehela wala, Faculty of Applied Sciences with the participation of more than 200 undergrads from all the faculties of the university. Young and talented singers Dhyan Hewage, Mahiru Senaratne, Nipuni Herath and Tharaka Gunarathne adorned this event with their ringing, deep voices. The magic in the air was lifted up by folds when Lakshitha Mihiran showed up and drenched everyone with his soulful voice. Audience who were thrilled to see their favorite singers onboard at සැඳෑව, were even more thrilled to see him and to listen to his tuneful singing. Also, the orchestra was gloried by the presence of Mithila Madushanka (keys), Bineth Kariyawasam(Acoustic Guitar), and Gavin Fernando(Cajon), who had joined the event and filled the air with their melodious tunes. 

The very talented Flamians and gifted presenters Geeshan Mudalige and Tharshika Nishadi had hosted සැඳෑව, enlivening the whole programme through their lively presenting. The amazing crew behind this magical evening doesn’t stop with them. Lahiru Priyanjith, Upathni Sanchethana, Hashini Karunasiri, Dasun Himeshana, Isiri Galagama, Bhagya Ranasinghe, Dilmi Chandrarathne, Milan Kavinda, Kavishka Madushan, Sheron Jeewantha, Dumindu Sasanka, Janith Thenura, Nethni Hirusha, Hansi Wijekoon, Bhagya Piyumini, Janith Maduranga, Udesh Weerasinghe, Chathura Ramanayake, Madara Nethmini, Sameera Arachchige, Kanishka Hasalanka, Deuwan Thalgaswatta, Pubudu Liyanage, Harini Weerathunga, Imesha Udawatta, and Gethmi Vimarshana have joined hands with the Pride 21/22 and worked hard behind the scenes to make it a success. Their enthusiasm and commitment were the secret ingredient of the soulful bliss we all tasted on that evening.
This evening had become one of the most exquisite moment that one should see and one of the most euphonious moment that everyone should listen. The whole audience was intoxicated with the elegance and serenity of the evening. Everyone was mesmerized by the songs, enjoying the vibe that has been bestrewen in the ehela wala. Thus, it has been proved that Flames සැඳෑව has become one of the magnificent events in the university that everyone could treasure. Almost everyone who took part in this bewitching moment as well as the ones who couldn’t participate in this has enjoyed this memorable evening. In the hope of meeting again with another lovely evening, the day was drawned to a close.

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