Flames Learn 1.0 | Successfully Completed

J\’pura Flames, the official media grid of University of Sri Jayewardenepura, has always been engaged in introducing new platforms which help to enhance the skills of its members and the undergraduates of our university among which J\’pura Flames Learn stands to be the latest. It is a series of online sessions exclusively crafted for the Flamians, where the experts and the experienced Flamians share their knowledge regarding each of the functional fields available at the club.

With a membership base of 500+ undergraduates, a considerable amount of new students join us every year. And as a club that provides space for progress, we love to provide them with a chance to learn new skills, in addition to the vast opportunities we provide to exhibit their talents. The sessions are open for all the Flamians irrespective of the root function they are attached to. Hence, those who love to learn a new skill can join the free session and learn the techniques from the basics.

The initial introduction for J\’pura Flames Learn was launched on the 4th of June 2021. The first session series included five online workshops, covering the functions of photography, videography, graphic designing, and article writing. The initial sessions were on the basic techniques and software required for each function and was conducted every weekend by our experienced Flamians.

The first session was on the 6th of June, discussing the Photography Basics, conducted by Ravindu Herath, VP of Photography of the term 21/22. The second session was on the 13th of July, discussing the Photoshop Basics, conducted by Rusiru Gunaratne, VP of Graphic Designing of the term 21/22. 20th of June was occupied by a session on Premier Pro Basics conducted by an experienced video editor at J\’pura Flames, Pulasthi Dasun. The fourth session was on 27th June, discussing the Lightroom Basics. This session was conducted by Manodya Thennakoon, a professional photographer and the VP of Photography of the term 19/20. The final session for series 1.0 was on the 4th of July, featuring an Introduction to Article Writing, conducted by Hasini Jayeweera and Marin Rachel, Assistant Secretaries of the term 21/22.

With enthusiastic participation from the members, all five sessions of J\’pura Flames Learn series 1.0 were a huge success. Witnessing the positive response from our members, we have planned to include few more benefits to our participants from the next series onwards. The future initiatives in this regard will include active participation from the members by providing them with a variety of tasks related to each function. Also, we are planning to offer e-certificates to those who excel in the future events that are attached to the J\’pura Flames Learn workshop series.

Written by : Marin Rachel
Designed by : Rusiru Gunaratne


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