The Online Workshop Series of the Photography Week 2020

The online workshop series of the Photography Week 2020 was organized by the Official Media Grid of University of Sri Jayewardenepura, J\’\’pura Flames with the aim of nurturing the undergraduates in various fields of photography.This workshop provided a stable platform for those who are enthusiastic and passionate about photography. This was hosted virtually via Zoom amidst the Covid -19 outbreak.

The workshop was conducted for five consecutive days starting from the 2nd of November 2020. It was a successful and informative event conducted by some talented and professional photographers in Sri Lanka. The workshop commenced with \’landscape photography\’ and followed by \’street photography\’, \’cinematography\’, \’commercial photography\’ and \’wildlife photography\’ which were conducted by Mr. Anushka Eranga, Mr.Ravi Ranasinghe, Mr. Chathura Goonatillake,Mr. Dulanga Ehelamalpe and Mr. Chamal Jayasekara respectively. It was such a successful and informative week during which we were able to gather around 1000 + participants.

J\’\’pura Flames photography week was embellished by the skillful and pleasing voices of Flamian presenters. The series was presented celestially by Ruwani Nethsarani, Dananji Nethsarani, Kaveesha Thashmini and Chamika Hewawasam.The driving force behind this week\’s success was none other than the organizing committee. The dedicated Flamians of the organizing committee were Yasiru Chamalka, Vidura Theekshana, Indusara Wijewickrama, Ravindu Herath, Dilanya Samarakoon,Rusiru Anjana and Sathsarani Samarakoon. All in all the Photography Week was an immense success that captured the hearts of many aspiring young photographers. After all, J\’pura Flames offers simply the best!!!

The Panel of Speakers


The Organizing Committee


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