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“Pain today will be the reward of tomorrow.”Weightlifting is a technical, strength/power sport which requires excellent coordination, flexibility, balance, speed and ofcourse strength. It should not be confused with more generalized weight training or with the sports of powerlifting or bodybuilding. In weightlifting, barbells are lifted competitively and it is the only barbell sport in the Olympic Games. There are two competitive lifts as the snatch (single movement) and the clean and jerk (2 movements). Starting from the snatch, each lift is given 3 attempts. Competitors must have atleast one valid and one valid clean and jerk to get a total which leads a chance to win. Competitors are divided by weight class and gender and the one who lifts the most weight when the results of each lift are added together is the winner of each category. Medals are given for the snatch, clean and jerk. It is only in the World Championships that the Total Individual Medals for snatch and clean and jerk are given.The originof weightlifting as a sport are primal, with the main goal being the ability to lift more weight than an opponent. Weightlifting has a lengthy history stating that it originated in Ancient Greece and Egypt. It was also an event in the first modern Olympics. Currently, IWF (International Weightlifting Federation) is considered as the governing body of this sport.

In 1939, weightlifting was introduced to Sri Lanka as a sport by an Englishman who was a serviceman named GJP Hill at a trial contest at the Fort YMCA. The modern Sri Lankan governing body, SLWF (Sri Lankan Weightlifting Federation) was established in 1977 which was a part of the amateur bodybuilding federation.

USJ weightlifting team has undoubtedly contributed to fetch their victorious name both in national and international platforms throughout all these years. Victories are not possible without someone who sees beyond your limits and guides you to greatness. Mr. Niluka Perera who is a silver medalist in SLUG 2016 and the former captain of 2016 USJ weightlifting team currently guides the USJ weightlifting team with the help of the assistant coach, Mr. Nalin Wickramadara. He is the former vice captain of 2017 USJ weightlifting team and also an Inter-University 2017 bronze medalist. It is a great honor since they both are proud products of the Department of Sports Science and Management , USJ.

Although individual effort is essentially important in weightlifting, when it comes to the overall objective, team spirit is what matters the most. Chethan Silva, as the Captain of USJ\’s weight lifting team gives the lead with flying colours. He is a bronze medalist in Sri Lankan Senior Novices Weightlifting Championship and in Sri Lankan Junior National Powerlifting Championship. He is was also entitled to the title \’Inter Faculty Best Lifter 2019\’, a Gold medalist in Tuskers Inter-University Individual Weightlifting tournament and in Inter faculty Championships 2018 and 2019. Asel Wijesinghe who is an Inter Faculty gold medalist (2018) and a silver medalist in Tuskers Inter- University Individual Weightlifting tournament contributes to the team as the vice captain. The whole team consists of brilliant and potent team members named as Amila Weerawickrama, Thineth Jayasuriya, Tharuka Rathnayake, Parakrama Block, T. Inthushan and Ashen Jayewardhana who have made Mother J’pura proud by winning medals in SLUG, Inter-Faculty Games and Tuskers Inter-University Individual Weightlifting tournament.

Walking along the legendary journey of USJ weightlifting, efforts made by the past captains and team members are remarkable. Former captain Sanjeewa Siriwardena, who is a gold medalist in Sri Lanka Senior Novices Weightlifting Championship 2015, 2018, SLUG 2019, a silver medalist in Provincial Tournament 2019, SLUG 2016 and Inter- University Games 2017 and former captain Rushan Jayasuriya who is a bronze medalist in Sri Lanka Senior Novices Weightlifting Championship 2018 and a silver medalist in SLUG 2016 are two witnesses of that amazing story.

Success is a journey that must be travelled no matter how challenging the roads are. We, as Flamians wish USJ weightlifting team to achieve the greatest success, bringing prestige to Mother J’pura.

Written by: Dilusha Munasinghe
Designed by: Jithmi Rajapaksha

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