Weight Lifting USJ

“Pain today will be the reward of tomorrow.”Weightlifting is a technical, strength/power sport which requires excellent coordination, flexibility, balance, speed and ofcourse strength. It should not be confused with more generalized weight training or with the sports of powerlifting or bodybuilding. In weightlifting, barbells are lifted competitively and it is the only barbell sport in […]

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The International Day of University Sports – 2020

\”Proclaimed by UNESCO as a day of global celebration of university sports, the International Day of University Sports, IDUS 2020 took place on the 20th of September at the University of Kelaniya. Organised by the Sri Lanka University Sports Association (SLUSA), the event saw a successful completion with the participation of USJ sportsmen as well.

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Tennis at USJ

“Life is like a game of tennis; the player who serves well seldom loses.”Having an opponent is the nature of a game and it makes the game more adventurous and motivating.Tennis is one of such sports where an individual gets a single opponent and doubles get two opponents each. It is a racket sport and

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Swimming at USJ

Swimming is the propulsion of the body through water by combined arm and leg motions and the natural flotation of the body. Swimming is popular as an all-around body developer and is particularly useful in therapy and is an exercise for physically handicapped persons. It is also taught for life-saving purposes. Swimming is an excellent

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Rugby at USJ

A sportsman is said to be identified as a philosopher. Rugby being a contact sport, this philosophy differsfrom other sportspersons because of the continuous testing behaviour of physical as well as mental capacities in the game of Rugby. Rugby is one of the most famous yet most dangerous sports that can be found in the

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Road Race

“The art and science of running extends beyond your toes”.Running is one of the most common activities which has a recognized positive outcome on your mental and physical well-being. Consequently, it is no privy that running is one of the healthiest activities that we can take on. From the several cardiovascular benefits to the powerful

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