Flames Sandawa

\”Shooting stars, secret wishes, and a bunch of friends mean an evening filled with the best of memories\”.

Unfortunately, followed by the third wave of the Covid-19 outbreak in the country, we are all bound to be in our homes, pursuing our studies through the online platforms available, and hope for our better days to return. The post-Covid situation has been an exceptionally mundane routine for the youngster, especially for the undergraduates who have tasted the bliss of friendship, music, and laughter. However, being the trend-setters of the university, J\’pura Flames, the official media grid of the University of Sri Jayewardenepura, had come up with an exciting online remedy to remind our undergraduates of all the beautiful memories from the past.

Flames Sandewa, an initiative by the J\’pura Flames, is an online event organized by the Pride of term 21/22, held on the 26th of June 2021. It is an evening dedicated to the pleasure of music, laughter, and the nostalgic life under the roofs of the university. The scope of this event was both to give a hand on experience to the newly joined members and bring back happy memories for the older ones, thus open to all the Flamians. Being the first huge online gathering for all the Flamians; the event was a massive success with a large number of participants. Also, the event is going to be a monthly occasion as it reminds the members of the beautiful fellowship we have within the university.

It has also provided an opportunity to all the amazing singers and musicians in our club. Changa Gonsal Korala, the president of the Pride 19/20, had joined us to give the honour of compiling the very first event, along with Chamooda Dewmini, the VP Videography of the Pride 21/22. The event was added with wonderful colours by the magical voices and dreamy music from our members, both the new and existing. The little chit-chats in between had given the feeling of a family that we have always been.

Though we are enduring the misfortune of dealing with the lack of shooting stars, J\’pura Flames have found a way to replace them with the neon lights of our laptops and smartphones. However, as long as the secret wishes and the bunch of friends remain unchanged, distance doesn\’t matter in bringing back one of those nostalgic evenings where we used to sing and dance and be a family.

Written by: Marin Rachel
Designed by: Manuka Pasan

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