JESA Awards – Honouring the young talents of J\’pura

University of Sri Jayewardenepura is a brand that produces excellence, not just in academics but also in making a difference among the society. As a university, it guides the young generation of the nation to achieve greater goals and targets. JESA, also known as J’pura Employability Skills Awards, is one of such first steps of J\’pura in making a difference.

JESA is the biggest annual awarding ceremony, which felicitates the students from all the 7 Faculties of the university who have shown their skills and abilities in various fields, including Leadership, Innovation, Entrepreneurship, Creativity, Social Responsibilities, and Teamwork. The grand ceremony for 2021 was held on 14th December 2021 and many talented J\’pura undergraduates were awarded as winners on this glamorous night under 14 categories.
They are Best Communicator, Best Innovator, Best Creative Designer, BESA-FMS, BESA-FOT, BESA-FMSC, BESA-FOE, BESA – FAS, BESA -FAHS, Best Leader, Best Team Player, Best Young Entrepreneur and Best CSR.

Under the Best Communicator award, Thisaakhya Jayakody won the first place. Senuri Nisansa, and Ranthilini Chandula Banduwardena were awarded 1st and 2nd Runner Up respectively. Nipun Kavishka Silva won the Best Innovator award, 1st Runner Up was Sandun Priyankara Amarasiri, 2nd Runner Up was Tishan Ravisanka Wickramasinghe. Best Creative Designer award was won by Changa Sarith Gonsal Korala, Chathuni Amasha Bamunuge and Chan Randika Surendra was placed the 1st and 2nd runners up respectively.

Dinul Thisura Doluweera was awarded as the BESA – FMS, with Dulanji Maheshi Beneragama as the 1st runner up and Anagi Shakya Kottahachchi as the 2nd runner up. BESA – FOT award was won by Maleesha Randunu De silva, 1st Runner Up was Supun Harshana, 2nd Runner Up was Prasad De Silva. BESA – FMSC award was won by Keashan Dhananjith Wijayasinghe, Senuri Nisansa and Nadun Gimhan Liyanage as the 1st and 2nd runners up respectively. Sakbo Dissanayake was awarded as the winner of BESA – FHSS with Vidma Shanali Abeysinghe and Githmi Wimalka Gunadasa as the 1st and 2nd runners up respectively.

BESA – FOE award was won by Rajitha Lakshan Jayaratne, 1st Runner Up was Asira Indula Abeywickrama, 2nd Runner Up was Herath Mudiyanselage Buddhipriya Gayanath. Rakitha Akshaya Kumarajeewa won the BESA – FAS award with Tusari Nethimi Wijesinghe Ekanayake as 1st Runner up and Thejani Prabodha Madhushani as the 2nd runner up. BESA -FAHS award was won by Sachini Malsha Thennakoon, 1st Runner Up was Kalani Chathurika Perera, 2nd Runner Up was Vinodya Bimali Karunadhika
Dinul Thisura Doluweera was awarded the Best Leader. Tusari Nethmi Wijesinghe Ekanayake, and Rajitha Lakshan Jayaratne were awarded the 1st and 2nd runners up respectively. Best Team Player Award was won by Ganesh Tilanka, 1st Runner Up was Thanuranga Tharushi Samarasinghe, 2nd Runner Up was Bhanu Wijetilake.

Best Young Entrepreneur award was won by Chirantha Udeshaka Ranasinghe, 1st Runner Up was Sandun Priyankara Amarasiri, 2nd Runner Up was Sanduni Sachinthana Perera. Best CSR Project was awarded to the Rotaract Club of University of Sri Jayewardenepura for Project Butterfly Effect 3.0. 1st Runner up under the category was Madhusha Hashen for Project Vivarana, 2nd Runner up was Wathsala Perera for Project Athwel Pawura.

We, J’pura Flames, extend our warmest congratulations to all of you on behalf of the entire university community on your achievement, and wish you all good luck on your path to success.

Written by: Navodi Gaspe
Designed by: Rusiru Anjana Gunaratne

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